Analysis chart of financial data
4 Basics of Technical Analysis

There are several fundamental concepts in technical analysis, including Fibonacci ratios, Trend analysis, Stop-loss orders, and Chart patterns. Understanding these concepts is essential for successful

Architectural Technical Drawing
Who Is a Technical Analyst?

Many organizations seeking to hire technical analysts require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree or a relevant degree. Candidates with computer-related skills are also often

Financial analyst checking reports
Who is Famous For Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis has been practiced since the 1880s. It is a way to identify trends in stock markets. It was developed by Charles Dow, a

Technology in education

What is technology in education? So what is educational technology, then? Technically speaking, this term refers to any tool or system that helps you learn

Learning Python Quickly

What is Python. For non-programmers or those who are new to the technology world, python is basically a computer programming language. With python you can

How to become better at technology?

For any tech-savvy individual, it’s essential to have a strong foundation in the basics. You need to be knowledgeable about technology so that you can


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