Technology News. As issues grew worldwide in the spring of 2021, technology engineers came up with solutions to help prevent and slow the spread of this deadly pandemic. The air of uncertainty descending upon the engineering world created a veil of secrecy. Methods to stop airborne contagions naturally occurring, however, rapidly surfaced.

New technology is being applied to fight this disease. Recently, an air of secrecy fell over the research of a group of scientists. Coinciding with this effort, new synthetic biology techniques were developed to kill the deadliest pathogen causing the deadly Staph infection. The Staph infection is the basis for AIDS and HIV.

Another emerging technology is concerned with the widespread use of antibiotics. This is part of a global effort to stave off the worst of this deadly epidemic. Antibiotics are prescribed for almost every situation where a bacterial infection occurs. From minor yeast infections, to cancer treatments, to dealing with a buildup of toxins in the body, antibiotics are the weapon of choice. The problem with these drugs is that they indiscriminately wipe out the good bacteria in the digestive system, leaving behind a vulnerable and weakened population of helpful bacteria.

A team of international researchers has taken on this challenge. Working with a foundation funded by Microsoft, they have developed a new technology that creates protective barriers in the digestive tract. These protective barriers would allow the good bacteria to remain while creating an enormous presence for the bad.

This group has applied this knowledge to an entirely different application. They have developed a technology that can be used to diagnose any individual with a computer generated image of what a person might be suffering from. In other words, this new technology could be the answer to the long standing problem of identity theft. The image would then be sent to a remote data storage facility, where a technician would be able to diagnose what was wrong with the patient. This news story, which you may have missed, could help prevent the loss of thousands of dollars worth of personal information that has been stolen.

As you can see from these examples, technology news is not only about the big topics. It is also about the small details that go into the development of new technology. As society gets smaller by the day, the importance of keeping up with the latest scientific breakthroughs cannot be stressed enough. While we may not realize it while reading about them, there are important discoveries being made all the time.

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