What are useful technical skills that are good to learn

Computer science

Recent developments in computer technology have led to what some call the democratization of software. Technology has leveled the playing field, as anyone can now access the tools needed to create software.

Computer programming is one such tool that has become accessible to virtually everyone. No longer do only the rich or well-educated benefit from it, instead anybody with an interest can learn how to make software.

This shift away from elitist access comes at a cost though; it takes more than just knowing code to be a successful programmer. Being able to understand basic concepts like coding theory and mathematics are equally important skills for someone wishing to pursue this career path.

Luckily, there are many different areas within computer science beyond simply writing codes. Areas like usability engineering, information architecture, graphic design, and marketing all contribute towards making software that people will use.

This article will discuss some technical skills that are always helpful to know. Two of these are particularly relevant when talking about applications that require no user input — apps designed to perform automated tasks, or robots!

Financial management

What are useful technical skills

When you’re an entrepreneur, business finances are something that need to be in order. You will spend most of your time thinking about how to pay for next week’s meals or what bills can be paid with money you don’t have yet, so financial literacy is important.

You should know at least basic accounting principles like accounts receivable, inventory, working capital, etc., as well as how credit cards work and how to read a personal income statement.

These skills help you keep track of all of your spending habits as well as monitor your long-term financial health.

Business owners often times do not consider the implications of their decisions when it comes to paying for things such as monthly subscriptions or expensive equipment. By having these basics under your belt, you’ll be able to recognize overspending patterns early and take action to prevent unnecessary debt.

Online marketing

What are useful technical skills

There are many different ways to do online marketing, so what works for one person’s brand may not work for yours. That is why it is important to have several tools in your arsenal.

Online marketing includes things like blogging, social media management, website design, etc. All of these require various technical skills.

For example, designing a good looking web page or keeping up with the latest trends when investing in equipment to produce content you will be sharing on blogs or through social media sites.

Running a Twitter account, posting comments and messages onto other people’s accounts, and responding to questions and comments from followers all involve using basic computer software (like Microsoft Word).

Creative skills

Being able to create, draw or sculpt is an important skill to have. Creating something that you enjoy doing can be the start of a career in art or design. Many famous artists were very creative as children- they would spend hours drawing and crafting with different mediums.

Artists are paid for their creativity so this is definitely a marketable skill! The more artistic you become, the better it will help you in other areas of your life such as self-confidence, expression and communication skills.

Design is another area that heavily relies on creating great pictures and shapes. As we use technology every day, having some basic knowledge of designing software like Photoshop and Indesign is essential.

There are many opportunities to showcase your artistic talent and work through social media sites like Instagram and YouTube. You may even get inspired enough to begin painting or sketching yourself!


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