Numerology is any beliefs in the mystical or divine relationship between an object and one or many coinciding factors. It’s also the study of all the numerical values of the numbers, names, words, and concepts. In the United States it is most commonly associated with astrology, along with other directive arts and the paranormal. The belief is that there are secrets represented by numbers, meanings, dates, times, and dates. Some people believe it to be a symbol for the collective unconscious or a part of who we are, and others think that numerology is based on mapping and sorting of numbers which ultimately form the structure of our lives.

In a time when the world is under serious stress with increasing unemployment, fear, uncertainty, and chaos, numerology can be a challenge for many people to accept. Although the numbers may seem random, it is believed that they can be used to create a path for your life. You have numerology for a reason; it gives you some direction as to how your numbers are influencing your life. If your numbers are pointing towards instability or challenge, it’s probably a good idea to take action. You may not know exactly what it is that is challenging you to make changes in your life but at least you’ll have numerology to help you out.

The origin of numerology dates back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who believed that their souls were controlled by a weaving of numbers. They took this a step further by developing their own astrology system based on their lunar cycles and equinumeracy. The numbers they developed corresponded directly to their personality, character, skills, interests, job description, and much more. If it helped the individual to find peace and harmony in their life, then it could very well be used to help them succeed.

In modern times, many individuals and businesses use numerology to better understand their past and predict their future. A trained numerologist can examine your birth date and personality and then see what type of numbers fit what you’re trying to figure out about yourself. This is one method to figure out if you have what it takes to be a doctor, lawyer, or other professional. Many individuals even use numerology to plan their vacations and other travel plans.

Numerology uses numbers to connect the dots of your personal life. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to decide what type of career to pursue, if your personal birth date and birth location are compatible with a specific job, or figure out when you’re most likely to be having a family. numerology gives you a head-up on the next few events in your life and even your future. When you understand the significance behind numbers, you can take advantage of numerology to make better choices in all areas of your life.

Most people are familiar with some form of Pythagoras or some form of fraction mathematics. Many of us also have some knowledge of fraction systems like decimals or percentages. When it comes to calculating future events, however, most people know only the traditional methods of calculation. Many of today’s modern formulations of numerology use numbers from astronomy, physics, mathematics, and astrology. Although the techniques used may appear similar to those of ancient numerology methods, they are radically different and more accurate than anything that was offered in ancient times.

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